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Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Eden Lo Photos, Husband Want CEO To Stop Company Pilot From Having Unprotected Sex With Her


Here are some tame pictures of the flight attendant at the center of the Hong Kong sex scandal with her husband sending emails to the CEO of
Cathay Pacific Airways and shareholders asking them to stop one of the company's pilot from having sex with his wife. Her name is Eden Lo and she is a 26 year-old Chinese from Hong Kong but currently living in Preston, England according to one of her social profiles. She listed her location as in Hong Kong on her Linkedin profile where until very recently her employer was listed as Cathay Pacific Airways. In the email sent to CEO John Slosar and many others her husband claim pilot Alex Roels is pressuring her to provide him with sex at five star hotels on the company's dime. And that Mr. Roels does not use condoms when having sex with his wife Eden or with other flight attendant.

Eden Lo at the Eiffel Tower.

Hong Kong web-forums and others are buzzing about Eden Lo and commenting that she is indeed an attractive woman. Many male readers became infatuated with her after seeing her picture two days ago and requested more photos of her. Lucky someone was kind enough to contribution a few hundred. LOL... Anyway, the mile high adulterous affair between the pilot and the stewardess was brought to the attention of airline four months ago by the hubby but the company considered it a private matter. But the husband pointed out that the affair was consuming company resources and shareholder would not like all the expense of the situation. In the main leaked email, Eden Lo's husband said he provided the company with many examples of the affair leveraging CX resources with dates and locations in previous emails. Some of the comments on the web at news sites and forums about this scandal are very interesting and people are taking sides.

We began receiving more details on this mile high sex scandal after the emails were posted on the Gutter Uncensored on Wednesday. About five sources are now reporting on all sides and are providing additional material with hints of nude photos and sex tapes. Regarding the wife and the pilot one source says, "there are more, A LOT more about them that the husband does not know. Poor guy..." And added that there are some juicy pictures to come. In the email to Cathay Pacific the husband also seem to hint at "explicit evidences" that can prove the affair. Interestingly, we have been told that staff and crews members at Cathay Pacific have explicit photos of the two in their possession. CX flight crews call the flight attendants "crew meals" so hopefully we get pics of the pilot eating a fresh sashimi lunch in cockpit. Haha...

Another source reporting about the other side is saying the husband was cheating too. And indicating the problems in the marriage and this whole scandal was his fault because he think he is a "player" when it come to getting the ladies in bed. Anyhow, married flight attendants sleeping around with crew or pilot is very common. Men married to air stewardesses have to worry about what their wives are doing overseas with horny pilots in those free hotels and with all the down time. The big question here is how come "crew meals" are not on Cathay Pacific meal menu they offer passengers. And wait till you see Eden Lo in that sexy red uniform that the Cathay Pacific stewardess wear. If you have explicit nude pictures and/or video of any of his extra-martial ladies or explicit nude pictures and/or video the Cathay Pacific flight attendant wife or any naked flight attendants especially on a plane then please email what you have to GutterUncensored(at)yahoo.com as soon as possible. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here are some pics of the other man Alex Roels, the pilot at Cathay Pacific:

Here are pictures from Eden Lo's trip to Paris.

She like to take pics of signs and things with her name "Eden" on it:

Here are pictures from her trip to some sex museum in Holland:



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